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17 December 2021

RTRO - camera app for photo and video effects in a retro look

The RTRO app is available from Moment Inc., which also produced “Pro Camera” and “Grain”. This is useful if you want to apply retro effects to photos and videos. The necessary color correction, adjustment of [...]
8 December 2020

Tip for better iPhone photos: Activate the camera grid

Beautiful photos are not only the result of the lighting and the viewing angle. The division of the rectangle into specific areas is also important. If you split your iPhone photos better in the future and maybe you can use the "golden [...]
15. May 2018

Apple Watch as a remote shutter release for the iPhone camera (Halide App)

Two months ago I introduced you to the Halide app as a professional photo app with RAW recording and depth effect for the Apple iPhone. Since then, the alternative to the camera application from Apple, which is available in the iOS of the [...]