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28. August 2020

Create a mood board with templates - quickly, easily, online

A mood board can serve as a design or scene template, for example for the graphic design of a website, for a photo shoot or when shooting a film. With colors, moods, patterns and perhaps also the specification of objects, characters and light [...]
24. August 2020

Easily use Canva resume and CV templates online

Create a professional résumé online, it works! If you want to make your résumé or CV (curriculum vitae) for an application beautiful and modern, Canva, for example, will help you. The free online tool with which [...]
28 JULY 2020

Design business cards online - it's quick, easy and free

Even in the digital age, the business card is still a meaningful advertisement. If you want to design business cards online to leave a lasting impression on the other person, you can use the free Canva tool. Canva have [...]
16 JULY 2020

What is a mood board? Create a design template quickly!

Mood boards show colors, images, structures and moods that are to be captured in a design project, website, series, film or elsewhere. Creating a mood board means that you try to use a collage to create a certain [...]
8 JULY 2020

Create letterhead online - Design your own letterhead with Canva

A beautifully designed letterhead looks great both privately and in the company. In addition, stationery designed for certain occasions attracts attention. With the Canva design tool, which you can use directly in the web browser, [...]
25th of June 2020

Create flyers online - use the design tool directly in your browser

Here in the blog I am going to introduce you to various possible uses of Canva, a design tool that you can use directly in your browser for free. In addition to many other graphics and print products, Canva also offers you flyers online [...]
19th of June 2020

Create YouTube video thumbnail - online and without an app

If you upload a video to YouTube in order to make it available to a maximum number of viewers, it needs a bit of marketing to spread. For example, the thumbnail, i.e. the preview image, is important [...]
11th of June 2020

Create a logo online - design beautiful logos with Canva

Creating your own logos online is really easy these days. So if you need a logo for your company, your brand, a school project, the club or any other matter, you can do it directly in the [...]
4th of June 2020

Create a timetable online - Canva as an app alternative

If you want to create a nice schedule to plan home schooling, home office, children's school attendance or household chores, you can also do it online! Then you don't have to use boring Excel or Numbers tables, nor do you have to [...]
April 22, 2020

What is Canva Design?

There are various providers for creating graphics and designs online, including Canva Design with a free offer and two subscription models. With a free account, you can create logos, posters, flyers, letterheads and more. Also the […]