Caps Lock

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7. October 2020

Remapping Caps Lock: Assign a new function to the Caps Lock key

Caps lock, caps lock or toggle lock - as they are also called, this key is superfluous for many Mac users. The seldom used key causes frustration when you want to write something quickly and you [...]
1. September 2020

What is Caps Lock?

The caps lock key on a keyboard has a special position. This is because it is seldom used for keyboard shortcuts; rather, its use changes the input permanently. Therefore keyboards for Mac or PC as well as on notebooks like the [...]
7. February 2018

Apple keyboard: where is the Mac Shift key?

Where is the Mac Shift key and what is it for? Where can I find the Shift key and the corresponding Caps Lock key on the Apple keyboard? You will get the answer to these and similar questions here. So do you read [...]