Cell phone tariff

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24. January 2018

Choose the right mobile tariff: price, network coverage, data volume, etc.

The blog here is often about cellular devices such as the Apple iPhone or Apple iPad. But surf sticks and mobile routers can also be used on the Mac or MacBook, for which a SIM card [...]
18. September 2017
Apple smartphone with MagentaMobil tariff and HotSpot Flat

Apple iPhone 8/8 Plus with Telekom contract from 1 € additional payment

Last week Apple presented the two smartphones iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in its annual September keynote. The prices given by Apple for the two iPhones are between € 799 and € 1.079 without a mobile phone contract. If […]
17. March 2014
Development of communication from Ay Yildiz

Ay Yildiz is revolutionizing communication

How did the people talk in front of ayyildiz.de? It was a long way to go before the telephone was invented in 1876. In the times before ayyildiz, people communicated with smoke signals and carrier pigeons until the legendary [...]