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27 February 2021
ISDT N8 battery charger in the test

In the test: ISDT N8 battery charger with USB-C and color display - pick of the week in week 9

Actually, it's a little strange when, less than two weeks after recommending the Voltcraft Charge Manager, I already advertise the next battery charger as the pick of the week. But: There is a reason. The […]
3 May 2019
The original from Nikon has the model number EN-EL14a or EN-EL14. It is used by Nikon in numerous camera models (Photo: Nikon).

Nikon EN-EL14a battery and inexpensive but good alternatives

As a rule, every digital camera sooner or later needs a second or third battery in order to still be able to take photos when the first battery is empty. This can happen, especially with long exposures [...]
13 August 2018
After pre-charging with the Olight UC, the BC700 also accepts the battery again.

Instructions: Reviving the battery - My tip for batteries that have been declared dead

Today a short but (hopefully!) Helpful everyday tip that I found out by chance: If your battery charger reports that it cannot recognize a battery or says that it is defective, then that means [...]
31 December 2017
Charging plug status "ready"

Best battery charger ever: Olight UC for NiMH and lithium batteries in the test

Actually, the purchase of this charger was done on a whim. According to the motto: "Oh, I'll just test it!". In the meantime I have been using the charger for a few days and have to say: It is [...]