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4 December 2020

Nerd and geek gifts for Christmas 2020

Video games, movies, series, science, comics, pop culture, and more - all of these play into the nerd and geek scene. If you want to make someone from your family or friends happy with an appropriate gift, [...]
2 December 2020
NordVPN Christmas offer

NordVPN - New Features and Discount Promotion (Sponsor)

NordVPN is one of the best known providers of VPN services on the Apple Mac, Windows PC, iPhone and Android devices. Not only has NordVPN recently won a speed test, but there is also a [...]
12 November 2020

Fancy advent calendars: more than just chocolate before Christmas

Advent calendars for December 2020 do not have to contain (only) chocolate. There are a wide variety of offers for children and adults who can build and maintain the anticipation for Christmas without chocolate. Every year on [...]