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25 April 2017
Setting WhatsApp status sayings

WhatsApp Status: Sayings for every situation

The WhatsApp status, a refuge for important brief information, funny little jokes, sharing links or, very importantly, a virtual please do not disturb! to send out. How you set up your WhatsApp status and what it [...]
30 December 2016
Chuck Norris sayings

Chuck Norris jokes and sayings: unbeatable and timeless

Chuck Norris jokes and sayings about the roundhouse kicker, who is actually called Carlos Ray Norris Jr., are timeless and everyone from children to old people can laugh about them. Therefore you are sure to be on this [...]
28 January 2016
Linux jokes and sayings about the Linux operating system

Funny Linux jokes and sayings

No question about it: Linux offers significantly less attack surface to make nasty jokes about viruses and malware. Nevertheless, there are many prejudices with which of course nice jokes and bad sayings can be made. Since I also [...]
4 November 2013
Apple and iPhone jokes

Apple jokes and sayings about iPhone and Co.

Here I unearthed a few sayings and jokes with and about Apple, iPhone, iPad and Co. I'll be happy to add to the list as I come across new jokes. If you like, you can also [...]