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28 April 2022
Mac internal hard drive full

Internal Mac hard drive too small – 12 practical tips and tricks

If you have bought an iMac, Mac Mini or a MacBook Pro or Air where you have saved on the size of the SSD or hard disk, then you will quickly run into problems because the […]
18 October 2021
Uninstall programs on the Mac

Uninstall programs from Mac and clean up any leftover files

Deleting apps on a Mac is pretty easy, isn't it? You go to the "Applications" folder, grab the app icon for the relevant software and throw it in the trash. Complete! Not quite… […]
10 September 2020
Mac app monolingual put to the test

Mac app Monolingual removes unused language packs

Through a post about the removal of non-Latin fonts - directed by a comment from a reader - I became aware of the "Monolingual" app. He said you could use it to remove those fonts too. Out […]
21 April 2020

Protection against malware - these tricks protect against viruses, Trojans and Co.

There are various types of malware for computers, smartphones and tablets. The possibilities, summarized under the term malware, to infiltrate a digital system, to spy on it or to use it to access data, apply [...]
4 March 2020
Uninstall Acrobat Reader with AppCleaner

Reader question: Uninstall Adobe Acrobat Reader from MacBook

Yesterday I got a question from my reader Eva. She wanted to uninstall software from her MacBook Adobe software and was unsure how to do it without an uninstaller. Here is your mail: [...]
2 February 2020
How to put the bsdtar process back in its place on the Mac.

[solved] Mac: Process "bsdtar" requires a lot of CPU power

Yesterday morning I came to my MacBook Pro and was amazed that it - although it only ran in standby all night - was busy airing it. A look at the "Activity Monitor" utility showed [...]
28 January 2020

Sensei - functions of many Mac tools in one app

The Sensei app for Mac models from macOS 10.15 Catalina is a comprehensive tool to oversee the hardware of the Apple computer, improve the performance, manage the hard drive and the like. DriveDx, CleanMyMac X, DaisyDisk [...]
24 July 2019

Mighty Mac Bundle - KOINGO software for $ 29,99 instead of $ 1.814,61! (Short message)

Have you always wanted to download the app since my CleanMyMac X report? Or are you flirting with the $ 500 VPNSecure Lifetime license? Then you can really clear away now! Because the developer KOINGO Software offers [...]
17 July 2019
MacUpdater icon

MacUpdater: Centrally search for and install updates for programs on the Mac

My reader Dirk recently drew my attention to the "MacUpdater" app because he is very enthusiastic about the software. When I agreed to test the app and write a report about it [...]
23 November 2018

MacPaw Black Friday Deals: CleanMyMac, CleanMyPC, etc. cheaper (short message)

The software developer MacPaw is offering its entire range of apps 2018% cheaper today for Black Friday 30 and until tomorrow morning. So if you already have your eye on CleanMyMac X, you can [...]