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11th of June 2021
Paste.App Clipboard Manager

Paste app clipboard manager and pick of the week week 23

I think it would be high time Apple bought up the Paste app and built the function into macOS. Anyone who has ever worked with a clipboard manager like Paste will not use it in the future [...]
April 10, 2018
Strange clipboard behavior on Mac? The solution to your problem could be found here.

Mac: clipboard with copy and paste no longer works

Some functions are used so naturally on the Mac that at first one is very puzzled when they no longer work. For example, the "copy and paste" function in my calendar today. I have myself, […]
13. March 2018

Mac tip: Copy app icons in high resolution

For me as a blogger it is often necessary that I get the icon of an app on the Mac so that I can use it to design graphics for my posts. The problem is when you use the app in the [...]