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2 June 2022

The Control Center: Access and use on iPhone, iPad and Mac

The control center in iOS, iPadOS and macOS offers an overview of tools and settings that are needed frequently. From volume and screen brightness to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AirDrop to calculator, screen capture, and button brightness, […]
22 March 2022

iPhone trick: Adjust font size for just one app

If you use the Apple iPhone with iOS 15 or a newer operating system, you have the option of individually adjusting the font size in apps. The way to this goal leads through the control center, which you [...]
22 September 2020
Real-time check of the headphone level in dB

iOS 14: How to check headphone volume and ambient noise in real time

I have to say, Apple keeps surprising me with nice little features that weren't even on the screen when I updated iOS 14. I am currently looking forward to the opportunity to check [...]
10 February 2020
iPhone: no sound when recording a screen

[Solved] Screen recording (video) from iPad or iPhone has no sound

Today there is another article about a problem that I just had to solve for myself. For my article on the game Brawl Stars I had made a few screen videos while I was working with [...]