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28. October 2020
Set up EZOIC in Borlabs Cookie

Instructions: Set up EZOIC in Borlabs Cookie

I am currently taking the first steps on my blog with the EZOIC service, which can be used to monetize your website. Before you can really start, you have to get the right data in [...]
2. October 2019

Instructions: Which cookies does my website store?

Due to a current ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on October 01.10.2019st, XNUMX, the cookie problem is boiled up again and, from the point of view of website operators, more topical than ever. Because currently, according to the judgment, when a page is viewed, only technical [...]
April 2, 2019

Finally peace and quiet: hide annoying cookie notices via browser plug-in

A practical browser plug-in called I don't care about cookies comes from the developer Daniel Kladnik from Croatia. With this extension for the web browser, annoying cookie messages can be sent to the [...]