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5. January 2022

Activity Monitor on Mac - How to Use It and What It Shows

With the activity display on the Mac, CPU-consuming processes can be identified, the RAM requirements of individual apps can be viewed, network activities can be monitored and other data can be viewed. With the app you can get an overview of what is happening in macOS [...]
23th April 2019

Liquid metal thermal paste: advantages and disadvantages to be aware of

A so-called thermal paste is used to transfer heat from the CPU or GPU to the cooler in the computer and laptop. There are different types of it - with zinc oxide, aluminum, silver, graphite or gallium. The latter [...]
10. September 2018

mdworker process slows down Mac: Rebuilding Spotlight index helps

In the operating systems of the Apple Mac, i.e. Mac OS X or macOS, processes and applications that improve file and storage management are actually constantly running in the background. The computer should keep its working power as long as possible [...]
3. March 2017
The process VTDecoderXPCService sucks properly on the CPU. But what is the cause of this process?

The "VTDecoderXPCService" process generates a CPU load of over 100% on the Mac - what to do?

Today I learned something again. My MacBook Pro suddenly became quite slow, keystrokes took seconds and the mouse cursor only moved in slow motion. A look at the "Activity Monitor" utility [...]