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22 February 2021

Anker daily offers: Save up to 33% today!

As of today, Monday, February 22.02.2021nd, 33, Anker is offering many products at lower prices. There is a discount of up to XNUMX% on security systems, surveillance cameras, vacuum robots, wireless vacuum cleaners, projectors and beamers. So if you don't just upgrade for spring cleaning, [...]
20 July 2020

Anchor Deals: Daily and weekly offers for up to 44% discount

This week the technology and accessories manufacturer Anker is again offering numerous products at lower prices. In addition to daily offers that are only valid on Monday, there are also weekly offers that ensure bargains until Sunday. Next […]
15 June 2020

Anker discounts of up to 28% - daily and weekly offers as well as news at a glance

At the start of the new week there are a few new offers from the technology manufacturer Anker. Three of them are only valid on Monday, June 15.06.2020, 21.06.2020. There are further deals until June XNUMX, XNUMX. In addition to several devices [...]