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23. August 2021
Activate Dark Mode on Kindle

Activate Dark Mode in Kindle Paperwhite - Pick of KW31

I can just see that I let the pick of the week slide massively and actually even forgot week 31. Shame on my head. In order to deliver something quickly, today I am picking a practical [...]
4. March 2020

WhatsApp Dark Mode - Activate dark mode with update

With the new WhatsApp version 2.20.30 for iOS, the dark mode of the Apple iPhone finally comes into its own. So if you use the messenger app from Facebook, you should - also for other innovations [...]
16. February 2020
It took my brain a few minutes until the internal light came on again after switching to dark mode (Photo: Pexels / Pixabay).

macOS Dark Mode: How to Enable It and What Its Benefits

The dark mode (or "dark mode" in English), which was introduced with macOS Mojave, didn't interest me until recently. I activated it a good year ago after installing Mojave [...]