Data Backup

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4. August 2021

3-2-1 vs. 3-2-1-1-0 vs. 4-3-2 - different backup strategies explained

Having a backup means not having a backup - at least the various backup strategies that I will explain to you in this guide are based on this truism. Because backups are always important - if the computer [...]
11th of June 2021

Backup trends: data loss figures, backup frequency and more

A backup on Mac, PC and mobile devices such as the iPhone secures data in the event that it is lost due to a hardware failure, a virus or ransomware. Should the currently used memory [...]
2th of June 2020

Download and back up all photos from iCloud Photo Library

In particular, photos and videos created with the iPhone or iPad end up directly as a copy in the iCloud, depending on the setting. If you want to download the files stored there and save them locally, then you have to [...]
9 December 2019

EIL: Booked a virtual server? Maybe he'll shut down today!

If you have booked a virtual server (VPS) with a hosting service, then you should check your e-mails - including the spam folder. Because with around 20 brands, which are probably backed by the same operators, today [...]
14. May 2018

How do I make / load an Apple Watch backup?

How do you make an Apple Watch backup and how do you load one to restore the watch? In this little guide to backing up data on the Apple Smartwatch (currently: Apple Watch Series 3) you get all [...]
7. September 2017
Crash plan alternative for backing up data and files under macOS

CrashPlan alternative for Mac users: Backblaze as a new cloud backup service

At the end of August, Code42, the software company behind the CrashPlan backup service, removed offers for private users from its portfolio. The backup product CrashPlan for Home itself will then be completely discontinued from October 23, 2018. [...]
7th of June 2017

Data backup: backup copy as protection against ransomware

Anyone who regularly backs up their data, i.e. who outsources their files and folders as a backup copy, is more protected from ransomware and its influences than others. Here I would like to briefly show you how the topics of data backup [...]
23. May 2017

Archiving: is an SSD hard drive suitable for data backup?

A solid-state disc, i.e. an SSD hard drive, is a storage medium for computers and laptops as well as their data backup, which results from the combination of memory chips and the corresponding electronic infrastructure. An SSD hard drive has several [...]
23. May 2017

Archiving of data: Which data carriers for data backup?

You can back up data and files on the hard drive, a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray, on a memory card, a USB stick, etc. The question that arises here is: which data carrier is best for backing up data? What advantages [...]