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31. March 2021
Recover iCloud data

How can I restore iCloud?

Most Mac or iPhone users feel safe when using iCloud, thinking that this data cannot go away. In practice, however, this sometimes happens and then the horror [...]
24. March 2020

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard - Data Recovery on Mac (Sponsor)

Suddenly lost files and folders or even completely bad hard drives; a nightmare for anyone who works on a computer. Whether office work with documents, emails and forms, creative work with photos, designs and videos or maybe the [...]
5 December 2019

Top 5 Free Mac Data Recovery Apps

You can find free software for data recovery on Mac here. I have also listed a few alternatives for you under the list of five free apps for data recovery. Because in addition to the recovery of deleted files [...]
29. November 2019
Disk Drill Pro via SetApp for 10 EUR

Trick: Data recovery with Disk Drill Pro on the Mac for 10 euros instead of 100 euros

A few days ago my reader Bernd wrote me a message. Obviously something broke when writing to a USB memory stick and the USB stick was unfortunately no longer readable by the Mac. After some research, [...]
April 29, 2019

Stellar Data Recovery for Mac: Recover deleted data from hard drive, USB stick and SD card

Stellar Data Recovery software for Apple Mac is a helpful tool for recovering deleted data from hard drives, USB sticks and SD cards. In contrast to data recovery from a defective Mac, where the [...]