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25. January 2022

TripMode for MacBooks on the go – my pick for KW01

The TripMode app (manufacturer's website: has not necessarily been my constant companion for many years, but I have known it for many years and every few years I have phases in which I like to use it. But […]
12 December 2017

TripMode 2 and 3: Control internet data usage with macOS app

Whether you're on the go in a hotspot, consuming data with a surf stick or in a WLAN network - with the macOS app TripMode you can surf the Internet with full traffic control - not only on the Mac, but also [...]
28. May 2016
Opera Turbo switched on

Tip for LTE users: Save mobile data volume on the Mac with the Opera Turbo browser

I have recently become one of the rural LTE users who are blessed with a good speed of 50 Mbit / s, but unfortunately do not have a flat rate. This means that you get a fixed volume of data each month, which you [...]