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10 November 2020

Parallels Desktop + Fantastical Free - Parallels Bundle Promotion

Parallels is currently offering a savings bundle with which you not only buy Parallels Desktop, but also get Fantastical for free. The first app is a resource-saving solution to Windows [...]
17 April 2020

Windows on Mac: 10% discount on Parallels Desktop with this code!

If you have a Mac at home but need Windows to work from home, Parallels Desktop will help you run the systems at the same time. The advantage over the Apple Boot Camp is that you have to pay for the [...]
18 March 2020
Parallels Desktop failed to boot

Parallels Desktop Error: Trying to boot from SATA optical drive 2

Today my reader Ludwig wrote to me, who runs the "Parallels Desktop" emulator with Windows 7 Pro on his MacBook Air. Lately, when starting the virtual machine, this error has always appeared: Trying to boot [...]
2 February 2020
How to put the bsdtar process back in its place on the Mac.

[solved] Mac: Process "bsdtar" requires a lot of CPU power

Yesterday morning I came to my MacBook Pro and was amazed that it - although it only ran in standby all night - was busy airing it. A look at the "Activity Monitor" utility showed [...]
18 November 2019

Using 32-bit apps under macOS Catalina: Here's how!

With Apple's Mac operating system macOS 10.15 Catalina, only 64-bit apps can be used. Software with 32-bit architecture can no longer be used by default. However, there are one or two tricks, thanks to which the "old" apps always [...]
24 August 2018

Sir Apfelot Wochenschau - Apple and tech news of week 34

It's Friday again and soon I can't think of any opening sayings for the Sir Apfelot Wochenschau: D That's why we're going straight into this this time and have a look at the Apple and tech news for calendar week 34. [...]
25 April 2018
MacOS Spotlight usually also indexes the programs that run in a Windows virtual machine under Parallels Desktop.

macOS: Remove Parallels Desktop VM hits from Spotlight search

I've been using Parallels Desktop for years because my accounting program only runs on Windows. But what has been getting on my nerves more and more recently: Search results from Windows or from the [...]
23 August 2017
After updating to Parallels Desktop 13, my Windows 7 cannot find any printer and every print fails with an error message.

Be careful when updating to Parallels Desktop 13 - problems with all printers under Windows 7

Today I updated my Mac to Parallels Desktop 13, which was only released a few days ago. Unfortunately, I was a bit premature because - as was the case with the update [...]
8 March 2016
Parallels Desktop 11 - a simple web to run Windows on your Mac.

Parallels Desktop: Windows on Mac with the PC emulator

I have been running the "Parallels Desktop" software on my Mac for many years. The reason? Unfortunately, I still have an invoicing program that only runs under Windows, and software has recently been added [...]