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22. January 2019

Buy Nintendo Switch on Amazon - Current offers

A convenient source of supply for the Nintendo Switch is Amazon. There is not only the hybrid console itself, but also various bundle offers. Which switch-and-game packages are worthwhile and for which titles you want the individual components [...]
23th of June 2014
Diablo 3 on the Mac

Diablo 3 Mac demo download - where can I get it?

After my post yesterday I asked where you can find the free demo version of Diablo 3 for the Mac. On the Internet it was not offered under the usual term "demo" but Blizzard [...]
22th of June 2014
Diablo 3 on the Mac

Diablo 3 on the Mac - is it worth buying a second-hand?

I have to admit, I was a real fan of the first and second versions of Diablo. I played both on the Mac and since I don't want a Windows PC, I also played on the third [...]