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17. November 2021

Self Service Repair: Apple offers parts and instructions for customers

After the teardowns of iFixit, various headlines about Apple's dealings with workshops and many other reports, the iPhone manufacturer is now surprisingly around the corner with self-service repairs. Starting with the iPhone 12 and the [...]
8. January 2020

DIY state gate repair: this is how you solve the display problem yourself

With the new year, a few older Mac models will drop out of the Apple exchange programs. Also in the case of the "Staingate" problem, where MacBooks up to four years old can get a new display for free, this is the [...]
3. January 2019
It's that easy to build a photo booth yourself.

Build your own photobooth - for weddings and other events!

The photobooth booths that you know from weddings, birthdays and other events can be built relatively easily yourself if you are willing to invest 150 to 200 euros and have an iPad. How this works will be [...]