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8. October 2019
macOS Catalina Download and convert to DMG

Download the macOS Catalina Installer and create a DMG file

As usual with the last macOS backups, macOS Catalina also has no way of finding the macOS 10.15 installer as a public (and legal) download on the Internet. If you start the update on the Mac, [...]
13. August 2019
Convert .app to .dmg

Instructions: Create a .dmg from an .app file on the Mac

This is again a manual that I just had to collect myself in an English forum. The reason why I want to turn an .app into a .dmg file is as follows: If you try a macOS [...]
9. November 2018

CleanMyMac X - Extensions module is back and updates get user names!

The girls and boys from MacPaw have released a few useful updates and other exciting news for the "CleanMyMac X" app. Details about the cleanup program for macOS can be found in the CleanMyMac X report. If you have the [...]
1. November 2013

Open DMG Image under Windows or install it on a USB stick

The ulterior motive is as follows. You have a DMG image that you want to get as a bootable image on a USB stick, for example to install a Mac. Unfortunately, Windows offers this option by itself [...]