Sir Apfelot Blog

6. September 2018
The panorama composed by the Mavic Air shows a lot of problem areas that cannot be repaired afterwards (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

DJI Mavic Air no longer saves DNG frames for the panorama

Here's another tip for the drone pilots among you. Anyone who owns the DJI Mavic Air knows for sure that it is able to shoot 360-degree panoramas. A number of pictures of the drone in [...]
26. February 2018
Instructions: How to get the RAW files of the photos from the iCloud Photo Library on the Mac.

Mac Tip: Save RAW Photos from iCloud Photo Library

I've been a fan of RAW photography for a long time. Anyone who has ever noticed how much you can get out of photos in this format with Lightroom or other image processing with RAW import will tell me [...]
6. December 2017
Shoot a DNG Raw photo with your Apple iPhone

Take RAW photos with an iPhone camera: here's how!

If you use the iPhone camera as a professional tool and want to take RAW photos instead of JPEG images, you can do so with just a few steps and one or the other additional app. How do you take a photo in raw data format and what advantages this [...]