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1 May 2022
Zoom logo

Zoom Download – the best and safest options

If you haven't already downloaded Zoom, the best way to use it is to create an account. You can do that on the Zoom website. Once you have an account, you can use the program […]
1 May 2022
Minecraft icons

Minecraft Download: Here you can download it

You've probably heard of Minecraft, but you might not know where to start. This first-person sandbox video game is the ideal basis for building your empire. With two main modes - Creative and Survival - […]
8 October 2019
macOS Catalina Download and convert to DMG

Download the macOS Catalina Installer and create a DMG file

As usual with the last macOS backups, macOS Catalina also has no way of finding the macOS 10.15 installer as a public (and legal) download on the Internet. If you start the update on the Mac, [...]
7 October 2019
macOS Catalina is now available as a free download

Short message: macOS Catalina is available for download

If you click on software update in the system settings of your Mac, you will notice that the new operating system (macOS Catalina with version number 10.15; here the info page from Apple) is now finally in its final version for end users [...]
27 August 2019
Folx Download Manager for Mac

Folx: The free download manager for the Mac

I usually don't have any need for download managers on my Mac. Whenever I download software, the download is usually done quickly. The number of my downloads is also not so high, [...]
14 March 2019

Download list: Installer from old macOS and OS X versions

If you want to equip your old Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook with its original operating system or if you want to get an old collector's item working again after repairs, you need an appropriate installer. The installation file [...]
14 November 2016
affinity photo photoshop windows beta download comparison test

Affinity Photo Public Beta for Windows and Photoshop in comparison (+ download link)

On Thursday, November 10, 2016, I received an email from Serif that the public beta version of Affinity Photo for Windows was now available for free download. I had signed up for the corresponding newsletter, [...]
18 July 2016
Amazon Video content on memory card

Amazon Prime and Amazon Video content can now also be saved on an SD card

Streaming offers are arguably the best thing that has happened to movie and series fans after hard drive receivers in recent years and decades. To be honest, I myself no longer have "normal television" and only use Amazon Prime Video, [...]
26 September 2014
iOS 8 manual

iOS 8 & iPhone 6 manual as PDF download

The PDF that Apple has made available to iOS 211 users for a few days now has a total of 8 pages. The PDF is available here as a German manual - free of charge, of course. The information ranges from [...]
29 May 2014
Sony Alpha 7 / 7R and the appropriate manual.

The manual for the Sony Alpha 7 / 7R

A [system camera-> system camera] is a nice option if you want to take high quality photos with a small camera. System cameras like the Sony alpha 7 do without the mirror in the optics and thus save a lot of volume [...]