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You can find the right drawing program for your projects in the articles listed here. In addition to apps for iPhone and iPad, graphics programs and software for photo editing are also included. Whether sketches for extensive notes, painting with virtual brushes or the design of logos and magazines - everything is possible with the right drawing program. In addition to Photoshop from Adobe or Affinity Photo from Serif Labs, I also have GIMP as a free Mac drawing program with a free download for you. For professional, but also simple photo editing, you can also use Luminar 4 from Skylum. Drawing programs for the iPad include Frax HD and Amaziograph.

18 November 2019

Skylum Software - Luminar 4 Celebrates Official Release!

With Luminar 4, the most modern software for photo editing from Skylum Software appears today. You can now officially download Luminar 4 for macOS on the Apple Mac as well as for the Windows PC. [...]
15 August 2019

According to EISA, Skylum Luminar 3 is “Best Image Editing Software” 2019/2020

Readers of this blog who are interested in photo editing on the Mac know the app: Luminar by Skylum. Thanks to functions that are supported by artificial intelligence (AI), the processing and adjustment of photos [...]
21 June 2019

DTP for everyone: Serif introduces Affinity Publisher

Are you looking for a DTP software with which you can design magazines, books, posters, stationery, brochures and more, but which does not involve a subscription model? Then Affinity Publisher from Serif could be something for you. As well as […]
20 May 2019

Affinity Designer Manual - tutorials and step-by-step instructions

The software forge Serif from Great Britain has created two great apps, Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, which are inexpensive but rich alternatives to Adobe and Co. To use the app for photo editing, [...]
15 February 2019

GIMP for Mac - Download, Instructions, and Manual

GIMP is image editing software for Apple Mac, Windows PC and Linux computers that is free to download. For hobby and low-budget users, this free app has been a good alternative to [...] for years - or better: decades.
8 December 2018
With Frax HD you can admire fractals in retina resolution - also animated. A great toy for cozy Christmas days on the sofa.

Frax HD: Mandelbrot Crowd, Apple Men, Julia and other fractals on the iPad

Today there's another story about the legendary "past"! It was probably like that in the 90s of the last millennium when I had contact with "Mr. Mandelbrot" for the first time on my C64. At that time [...]
14 November 2018
Photoshop tips and tricks

Photoshop: Pick up the color with the eyedropper outside the Photoshop window

Today seems to be my Photoshop Tip Day. I have discovered another very practical thing that makes life in Photoshop easier: You can also use the pipette to change colors from websites and media from other [...]
12 July 2018

Affinity Designer for iPad - at the start with a 30% discount

Yesterday afternoon I received the information that Serif - the developer behind Affinity Photo (here the workbook in the test) - is now officially offering the Affinity Designer for iPad. The download for [...]
23 April 2018

Have a look and try it for you: Affinity Photo Workbook

Here in the blog it was often about Affinity Photo by Serif. This is the app for image and photo editing, which with its scope and functionality on the Apple Mac, the iPad [...]
18 July 2017

Amaziograph app for Apple iPad: make your own sketches, designs, mandalas and patterns

With the Amaziograph app for the Apple iPad you can conjure up wonderful patterns on the display with your finger or the Apple Pencil in very simple steps and output them as an image file. In addition to lavish-looking and perfect [...]