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7 July 2020

Big discounts: EasyAcc power bank with 26.000 mAh for only 18,39 euros!

With the right Amazon discount codes, you can still buy two EasyAcc power banks for less until July 30, 2020. In addition to an external battery with 26.000 mAh for only € 18,39, there is also one with 20.000 mAh [...]
26 October 2019
True Wireless Headphones EasyAcc X100

In the test: EasyAcc X100 - true wireless in-ear headphones

Incredible, but true: The EasyAcc X100 are the first true wireless headphones that I have tried, along with my AirPods. Among other things, this is probably due to the fact that most models are so-called final in-ear headphones that you [...]
26 August 2019
EasyAcc F10 in the test

In the test: waterproof Bluetooth speaker EasyAcc F10 with light effects and drum mode

The manufacturer EasyAcc occasionally sends me products that I can try out in order to write a report about them. The current case is about the F10 Bluetooth speaker, which offers a few features that [...]
23 April 2019

Amazon coupons for EasyAcc iPad and iPhone cases

For the purchase of iPad and iPhone cases from EasyAcc, I can give you two coupon codes in this message. This gives you a discount of up to 50% - and of course a new case [...]
7 March 2019
Powerbank test from Computer Bild 01/2019

Powerbank test in Computer Bild 01/2019 - these are the test winners with 5.000, 10.000 and 20.000 mAh

I recently sat in a waiting room and, due to the limited selection of literature, ended up with a magazine that I normally don't read: Computer Bild. As you can see from the name, it is [...]
28 November 2018

EasyAcc iPhone and iPad cases with 50% discount (short message)

Christmas is approaching us with great strides. I have received a couple of voucher codes from EasyAcc for the Apple accessories that might end up under your Christmas tree this year, with which you can get 50% off the [...]
18 October 2018

iPhone Xs Max cases: 30% discount with this Amazon code

Do you have an Apple iPhone Xs Max and are still looking for the right case for it? Then you should take a look at the current offers from EasyAcc. The supplier of electronics and accessories has offered flexible, transparent silicone covers [...]
13 June 2018

EasyAcc USB fan "Spiral Wind" (+ hand fan) in the test

There are numerous devices for the upcoming summer that are supposed to make work at the desk and computer easier. Among other things, the EasyAcc Spiral Wind as a table and USB fan for connection to the computer or the power bank [...]
12 June 2018

EasyAcc G1 gaming headset in the test

Some time ago I was given the opportunity to receive headphones with a flexible microphone from EasyAcc for a test. I noticed this and tested the EasyAcc G1 gaming headset over the past few weeks. How […]
22 December 2013
easyAcc on the collar

easyAcc U-Bright: Handy 3000 mAh power bank with flashlight

The idea is actually obvious: you connect a mobile charger, which is already a battery, with an LED flashlight. The result is the EasyAcc U-Bright. In terms of size, this [additional battery for iPhone-> additional iphone battery] or [...]