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17 July 2022

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 28, 2022

With the announced delay, but at least you get the Sir Apfelot newsreel for calendar week 28 of the year 2022 this Sunday. It contains the Apple and tech news that I received over the course of the week.
29 March 2022

Find My Bike - classifieds scan for stolen bikes

If you have a bicycle, you certainly protect it against theft. There are a variety of bicycle locks, tracking via AirTag and other trackers and other options. But anyone who wants to steal bicycles knows this as well, of course. [...]
18 February 2022

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 7, 2022

For today's Friday there is another packed Sir Apfelot newsreel so that you can start the weekend well informed. In the following I will show you the Apple and tech news that I received in the calendar week […]
5 September 2019

Current iPhone used prices on eBay

Do you want to buy an iPhone on eBay or sell your used iPhone there? Then a current price overview on the site may help you with the negotiations or with the pricing for your classified ad. Because in addition to a [...]
31 August 2018

Sir Apfelot Wochenschau - Apple and tech news of week 35

Not only does IFA 2018, the latest international radio exhibition in Berlin, officially start today, but it is also Friday again, so time for the Sir Apfelot newsreel. Here you get the Apple and [...]