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7. May 2021

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 18, 2021

May is here, but the warm weather is still a long time coming. While we're doing that, let's take a look at the Apple and tech news that I received in calendar week 18 of 2021 [...]
16. August 2020
My experience: Bought a used iPhone Xr at Flip4Shop

iPhone Xr bought used at Flip4Shop - my experiences

So far, my daughter has wandered the world without a smartphone. With the start of the 5th grade, however, she is so far advanced in our view that she needs a cell phone to communicate with classmates. [...]
5. September 2019

Current iPhone used prices on eBay

Do you want to buy an iPhone on eBay or sell your used iPhone there? Then a current price overview on the site may help you with the negotiations or with the pricing for your classified ad. Because in addition to a [...]