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16 JULY 2021

Affinity Photo: Free eBook for beautiful photos

The creators behind the “Affinity Revolution” YouTube channel, who show how to use the Affinity Photo photo and image processing app in YouTube videos and online courses, are releasing their knowledge as a free eBook. The offer is valid until the 25th [...]
12. March 2021

Mac and iPhone: 3 free eBooks by Anton Ochsenkühn

Anton Ochsenkühn is a big player in the German Apple community when it comes to manuals and instructions. We have already presented and extensively reviewed his books here on the blog. Anyone looking to get started with a system [...]
27. March 2020

Free Kindle eBooks: Amazon offers books for the whole family

Amazon now also offers fiction, children's and young people's books as well as non-fiction and cookery books free of charge - free of charge as Kindle eBooks. A Kindle reader is not absolutely necessary for reading; you can also get the digital books via the free [...]
28. August 2015

Is the new Kindle Paperwhite 2015 worth it? My assessment!

The holiday season is drawing to a close and I finally have the opportunity to share my thoughts on the new Kindle Paperwhite (2015 version) with you. I prefer to read manuals in printed form, but for the [...]
8. October 2013
Kindle Paperwhite new version

The eBook reader of my choice: Kindle Paperwhite with HD display

Lately I've been buying eBooks more and more, mainly because they offer a search function and are usually a little cheaper than printed books. So far I have this on the iPad [...]