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15 December 2020
iOS 14.3 update available for iPhone and iPad

iOS 14.3 update is here - these are the best features

In the last few months, Apple has somehow settled in that the macOS and iOS or iPadOS updates are always published at the same time. For this reason we not only get the macOS 11.1 update today, but also [...]
16. October 2020

TreeCard offers free debit card - shopping and getting trees planted

TreeCard is a debit card based on the MasterCard system that can be used for online and offline purchases. The best thing: a tree is planted when a certain turnover is reached. The wooden card with a core made of recycled plastic […]
19. February 2019

Ecosia - The ecological alternative to Google

Ecosia is the name of a search engine that doesn't just want to compete with Google, but also acts ecologically in many ways. The Ecosia search engine is actually a project from Berlin, the site of which [...]