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12. August 2020

Edraw Project: Create Gantt diagrams and charts on the Mac

Do you work in project management and want to manage and track your projects in real time using professional Gantt charts? Then Edraw Project is the right tool. With the Wondershare app you can control all processes and activities [...]
10. August 2020

Edraw OrgCharting: Present CSV and Excel data with interactive charts

With Edraw OrgCharting from Wondershare, you can quickly and easily create an organizational chart. It is also possible to implement data-controlled documents with interactive content. The data can be taken from a CSV, XLSX or from [...]
5. August 2020

Edraw Infographic: Mac tool for creating infographics

Creating an infographic yourself is not difficult if you have the right program for it. With Edraw Infographic from Wondershare you can make infographics yourself. The app for Mac, Windows and Linux can be downloaded as a free [...]
3. August 2020

Edraw MindMaster: Mind mapping and brainstorming tool for the Mac

With Edraw MindMaster, Wondershare offers a useful and easy-to-use app for creating mind maps. Whether task distribution, brainstorming, the first phase of project planning or other use - both under macOS on the Mac as well as [...]
30 JULY 2020

Edraw Max: Create flowcharts, flowcharts and more on the Mac

With Edraw Max from Wondershare you get a potent app with which you can create diagrams, flowcharts, maps, infographics and z. B. can also create entire eBooks. The software is available for macOS on the Apple Mac [...]
12. January 2020

Wondershare apps with 20% discount (coupon code)

The software developer Wondershare, from whom I have already presented one and the other app in a post, is currently offering a 20% discount on its range. In this post I will not only show you the [...]