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16 September 2020
GotWay EX Suspension EUC

GotWay EX - suspension, more speed and range

After KingSong launched electric unicycles with suspension with the KS S18 and Inmotion with the V11, it was only a matter of time before GotWay delivered a suspension model. Thereby [...]
27 May 2020
Gotway MTen 3 unicycle

Gotway MTen 3 - the EUC for beginners, children and the backpack

Since I discovered the electric unicycles (EUC for "Electric UniCycle"), I have found the different models very exciting. The first EUCs with suspension are currently coming out, but that is a topic for another [...]
25 May 2020
Fatal Onewheel Accident - Manufacturer's Fault?

Fatal accident puts Onewheel manufacturer Future Motion in distress

A few months ago I bought a Onewheel Pint - a kind of electric skateboard that doesn't have four wheels, but a single, large tire in the middle of the board. In the […]
21 April 2019
Drive mode with the Inmotion V10

Inmotion V10 / V10F: Difference between "Comfort Mode" and "Classic Mode"

In the Inmotion app (AppStore / PlayStore) there has been a setting option for driving mode since firmware version 2.2.8. As an Inmotion V10 or V10F driver, you can choose between "Comfort Mode" and "Classic Mode". I [...]
21 April 2019
Thanks to the large battery pack, the Inmotion V10F can be used for such long tours that your feet usually need a break before starting the unicycle.

Inmotion V10F - Test and experience report on Inmotion's flagship

First of all, a short thank you to Hammer International and Inmotion (see www.inmotionworld.com), who sent me the electric unicycle for testing. I have to admit that I've always flirted with the model, because after I [...]
18 February 2019

E-scooters, hoverboards and electric unicycles will soon be legal on German roads

There is currently increasing evidence that various electric vehicles can be legally used by private users in Germany. Where e-scooters, hoverboards and electric unicycles are currently only allowed to drive on private property, they should soon [...]
19 December 2018
KS 18 L after arrival

With the electric unicycle KingSong KS 18 L through the dirty German winter weather

Today's trip with my EUC (electric unicycle) did not take place in the best conditions, but that's precisely why I think the experience is worthy enough to write a small article. Who my blog [...]
11 August 2018
Electric unicycle ride photo

My new hobby: learning to ride an electric unicycle (EUC)

Now some of you are probably asking, “What do I care about Sir Apfelot's new hobby? I want to read something about the new iPhone X Plus! ”. I can understand because I don't have a blog about hobbies, but [...]