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14 November 2020
macOS Big Sur Error: Installation Failed

macOS Big Sur Error: Installation Failed

As every year, yesterday I jumped at the new macOS update with great joy in order to be able to try it out quickly on my MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, the download of macOS Big [...]
2 November 2020
PHP warning Continue targeting switch is equivalent to break.

WordPress Error - Warning: "continue" targeting switch is equivalent to "break"

Today I moved a customer's WordPress blog to a subdomain because she wanted to run the site in a kind of internal area. The main domain should be redirected for this. After I set up the subdomain in Ionos [...]
10 September 2020
Problems with WordPress 5.5

WordPress 5.5 problems - the plugin "jQuery Migrate Helper" could (temporarily) be the solution ...

WordPress version 5.5.1 has been out for a while and the update to WordPress 5.5 ran reasonably cleanly on most blogs. Since I look after some customers who work with WordPress websites, I get [...]
31 August 2020

macOS 11.0 Big Sur problems and solutions

The new operating system for the Apple Mac, macOS 11.0 Big Sur, will soon be available as an official upgrade download. If you do not come across possible problems, errors or bugs during or after the installation [...]
19 April 2020
Error message Adobe Photoshop file size 2 gigabytes

Photoshop error: The file could not be backed up because it is larger than 2 GB

Yesterday my wife was working on Photoshop files again, which had many layers and high resolution for printing. At some point while backing up, the following error message came up (in English): "The file [...]
16 April 2020
Where is the Photo Booth library?

Reader's question: Where can I find the photos from Photo Booth on the Mac?

Today there was another question where I had to start the Google machine myself: The "Photo Booth" app on the Mac threw out a window on my wife that the "Photo Booth Library" does not locate [...]
18 March 2020
Parallels Desktop failed to boot

Parallels Desktop Error: Trying to boot from SATA optical drive 2

Today my reader Ludwig wrote to me, who runs the "Parallels Desktop" emulator with Windows 7 Pro on his MacBook Air. Lately, when starting the virtual machine, this error has always appeared: Trying to boot [...]
8 March 2020
Mac error: The operation could not be completed because the object is in use

Mac Error: "The operation could not be completed because the XYZ object is in use."

When I wanted to update my anti-spam plug-in "SpamSieve" for Apple Mail on the Mac today, for the first time in years an error occurred that prevented the current version of the program from being installed. In the […]
26 January 2020
Photo Apple system status

Apple System Status: Find iCloud outages and issues with other Apple services here

If you get an error message when buying apps or music or you are no longer receiving emails via your iCloud account, then maybe it's time to go to Apple's central status page [...]
16 January 2020
Error message of the TinyPNG plugin under Photoshop

[Solved] Bug with TinyPNG-JPG Photoshop plugin and macOS Catalina

Almost all photos in my WordPress blog are exported from Photoshop via a special plug-in, which makes the graphics for the web particularly small. The plugin comes from the people who work under the domain [...]