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20 November 2022

eufy deals: vacuum cleaner robots, vacuum cleaners and more until November 28.11th. buy cheaper

In addition to the brands Soundcore, Nebula and eufy Security, the anchor brand "eufy" is also offering numerous products at a discount until November 28.11th, Cyber ​​Monday 2022. In this article I have summarized discount offers from eufy, […]
7 February 2022

One week before Valentine's Day: Anchor brands' discount campaign

February 14th is a week away, which means Valentine's Day. If, in addition to flowers, sweets and kind words, you also want to give something from the field of technology, Anker has a few offers ready. Starting today and […]
18 November 2021

For the dark season: eufy security cameras with light

In the past few weeks, eufy, Anker's smart home brand, has presented various surveillance cameras. Models with LED light are also available for the dark season. This is the eufy L20 camera with a [...]
29 September 2021

Handheld vacuum cleaner with charging station: eufy HomeVac H30 Mate now available

Some time ago, the technology manufacturer Anker informed us that the new hand-held vacuum cleaner from its smart home brand eufy will soon be available. Now you can buy the eufy HomeVac H30 Mate on the German Amazon site. [...]
3 June 2021

Surveillance cameras and parcel boxes: eufy presents new security technology

Yesterday, eufy, the smart home brand from Anker, presented new security technology. With the SoloCam series there will be new smart surveillance cameras in the future. In addition, the Floodlight Cam 2 Pro is an update for the previous camera model [...]
25 May 2021

Eufy products cheaper: Up to 50 euros discount on smart home products from Anker

From today and until Sunday, May 30th, 2021, Anker is offering various products at discounts with its smart home brand eufy. For example, you can get a video doorbell with 2K resolution with a 50 euro discount. To a […]
22 February 2021

Anker daily offers: Save up to 33% today!

As of today, Monday, February 22.02.2021nd, 33, Anker is offering many products at lower prices. There is a discount of up to XNUMX% on security systems, surveillance cameras, vacuum robots, wireless vacuum cleaners, projectors and beamers. So if you don't just upgrade for spring cleaning, [...]
9 November 2020

Anker Deals: Discount on products from Anker, eufy, Soundcore and Nebula

From today you will get up to 30% discount on various items from the manufacturer Anker and its various brands. You don't need any voucher codes for this, just the links below. Among the offers are for [...]
13 October 2020

Anchor discounts for Prime Day - 49 deals with a price discount of up to 41%

Here you will find the Prime Day discounts from Anker as well as the brands Soundcore, eufy and Nebula. There is a discount of up to 41% on charging accessories, speakers, headphones, vacuum cleaner robots, projectors and more. Discount codes are great for saving with these deals [...]
7 September 2020

Anchor: New Nebula projector + daily and weekly offers

As was the case last week, the technology manufacturer Anker is coming up with a new product as well as daily and weekly offers for Monday. The new projector is the Nebula Cosmos Max with [...]