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4 August 2021

Falling prices in the App Store for the euro area, UK and South Africa

Apple adjusts prices in the App Store whenever tax regulations or exchange rates for currencies change. In the coming days there should be changes again, as announced at the official site. So [...]
2 January 2021
Convert PayPal credit into another currency

Instructions: Convert Paypal credit from dollars to euros and have it exchanged

My tax advisor has the ardent wish that my PayPal account only works with euros and that amounts in US dollars or other currencies are converted directly. I had done that once before, but now [...]
17 December 2019
Euro as the main currency with PayPal

Instructions: Change your PayPal business account to euros and remove US dollars

I had a long conversation with my accountant today and we came across the statement from my PayPal account. For him, the confusing thing about this document is the mixing up of transactions in euros and US dollars [...]