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8 February 2022

Apple's Spreadsheet: What is Numbers?

Everyone who deals with working on the computer knows the Office programs from Microsoft. Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Co. are just as familiar to most people as Excel. The latter is the spreadsheet that you […]
12 November 2019

Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac (macOS Catalina) - but without a subscription

The old Office for Mac 2016 version, which was still running on my MacBook Pro, got the fatal blow with the update to macOS Catalina and no longer works because of the 64-bit exclusivity. So far I thought that [...]
18 July 2019

Generate random number with Excel and Numbers

Generate a random number in Microsoft Excel or output a random value in Apple Numbers; it's not difficult at all. With the right combination of function, formula and syntax, both spreadsheet apps give a random number with [...]
25 April 2019

Forgot your password in Excel file? How to remove the protection!

Do you have an important Excel file whose password you have forgotten and need to read or edit it promptly? Then there are two options: you try to remember the password, or you use software, [...]
27 December 2015
Nicrosoft Office Excel Tips

EXCEL tip: Mark cells with links and e-mails without calling up hyperlinks

I don't know about you, but I keep struggling with Excel spreadsheets that contain email addresses or links to URLs. Whenever you just want to mark it, you go to the website or [...]
14 June 2014
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Add multiple new rows or columns to Apple Numbers

Question: I like to use Apple's [Numbers-> apple-numbers] as a replacement for [Excel-> excel]. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to add more than one new row or column in a table yet. In Excel [...]
4 April 2014
Excel line break in table cell

Microsoft Excel: Switch on line breaks in table cells

In Excel, I have to import CSV files more often and then output them in a more nicely formatted form. As a rule, there are always a few table cells that are so long that Microsoft Excel wants to print a second sheet. This [...]
23 August 2013
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Flight simulator in Excel 97 - Easter Egg

This video shows how to find the [Easter Egg-> easter-egg] in [Microsoft-> ​​microsoft] Excel 97. If you've done it right, a flight simulator starts showing, with impressive graphics, what was already being done in the 90s [...]