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22th of June 2021

Buying advice: Extremely quiet fans for the summer

This summer brought the first heat wave, and it's not even July yet. All the better if a fan is used to cool things off in the future. The quieter the fan is, [...]
17th of June 2021

Cool laptops in the heatwave - laptop coolers with prime shipping

The heat is finding its way into Central Europe and anyone who works on a laptop in the office or home office can therefore face performance drops. I personally always notice that on my old MacBook Pro from 2012 when the [...]
25 JULY 2019

Heat wave - this is how people and MacBook stay cool

There are currently numerous reports and news on the subject of weather. This is no coincidence in summer 2019, but rather from stressful heat waves with temperatures up to or above 40 ° C. Who at the same in the office [...]