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13. February 2021
App does not remember window size and position

Mac Tip: When apps don't remember the size and position of their windows

It rarely happens, but when you have an app that has window amnesia it can drive you crazy. Again and again you have to change the window sizes [...] after starting the program.
8. October 2020

Mac problem: files do not appear in Finder

The Finder on macOS is there to locate and display files, folders and programs on the Mac hard drive. But sometimes not all of the content is displayed. If folders seem to have disappeared or just saved / [...]
12. September 2020
Macintosh HD icon not on desktop

Reader's question: Macintosh HD icon can no longer be found on the desktop

I am in close contact with my reader Josef, because his two Macs and the combination of router (Fritz! Box) and two printers sometimes don't work the way he wants. Now he has at an older [...]
9. May 2020
Show status bar with icon slider

[Readers question] Mac: Slider for icon size in the Finder window is gone

I just received a question from a reader who, after updating to macOS Catalina, is struggling with an attitude that has changed itself. Before the update to Catalina there was at the bottom of the Finder window [...]
6. December 2019

Factory data reset iPhone

Factory resetting your iPhone may be necessary if you want to sell or give it away - or if a bug can be fixed with it. But what steps have to be taken to get the Apple smartphone back [...]
13. August 2019
Convert .app to .dmg

Instructions: Create a .dmg from an .app file on the Mac

This is again a manual that I just had to collect myself in an English forum. The reason why I want to turn an .app into a .dmg file is as follows: If you try a macOS [...]
7. August 2019
DriveDx hard drive monitoring

DriveDx: View hard drive health on the Mac in detail

Only recently I came across the small tool "DriveDx" through a report in the English Macworld (here the download link). With this Mac app, internal and external hard drives can be monitored by the SMART status (Wiki) [...]
25th of June 2019
Keyboard shortcuts for the Mac by Jonas Kraft

Book tip: Keyboard shortcuts for the Mac by Jonas Kraft

Somehow I have the feeling that the use of keyboard shortcuts is more common among Mac users than Windows users. The concept of working efficiently with keyboard shortcuts is not just reserved for the Mac. But no matter [...]
19th of June 2019
Reader question: connecting devices to the USB hub

Reader's question: Is there a sequence for connecting or disconnecting devices to the USB hub?

I recently received an interesting question from my reader Wolfgang: 4 external hard drives, 2 printers, 1 scanner and a LaCie BlueRay recorder are connected to the Mac via an old USB hub. Now have [...]
5th of June 2019
Quick Look on macOS

How to extend the Quick Look preview and uninstall plugins

I have to say, "Quick Look" is one of those features that makes me really like macOS. And best of all: very many Mac users don't even know it. For this reason I would like to briefly introduce Quick Look, [...]