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16. October 2021
Browser extension tab Auto Refresh

The Firefox addon "Tab Auto Refresh" - my pick of the week in week 41

Sometimes it's the little things that make life a lot easier. In my case it is the Firefox add-on "Tab Auto Refresh", which helps me with PayPal and my accounting. The browser extension [...]
27. August 2019
Folx Download Manager for Mac

Folx: The free download manager for the Mac

I usually don't have any need for download managers on my Mac. Whenever I download software, the download is usually done quickly. The number of my downloads is also not so high, [...]
12. September 2017

Firefox Test Pilot: Hacks and Experiments for the Browser

Mozilla has added an experimental program called Test Pilot to the Firefox web browser, which enables you to perform various tasks that would otherwise be carried out with third-party add-ons. For example, you can take notes directly in the Firefox browser, encrypt files, [...]
7. February 2014
TableTools2 Firefox addon

Firefox add-on for highlighting and copying columns in tables

It's great what there is. Today I had to take a lot of data from a table on a website. The problem was that the table had several columns, but I only saw the contents of the [...]
11. November 2013
Word Count Tool Firefox Addon

Firefox addon for counting words and characters

As [SEO-> seo] or [Adwords-Optimierer-> adwords-optimization] you are always embarrassed to want to know how long a text is or how many characters an advertisement draft has. So far I've always taken the detour via [BBEdit-> bbedit] [...]
4. September 2013
Firefox Addon Affiliate Fox

Firefox addon AffiliateFox makes Amazon ASIN links

Actually, I was looking for a Firefox plugin that would give me the ASIN of the product when I visit an Amazon detail page. However, I haven't found a serious add-on that I would recommend. But […]
23. August 2013
Icon ask Sir Apfelot

How can I delete certain web pages from Firefox?

Hello Sir Apfelot! I have a question: I use the Firefox web browser and do not want certain domains that I visit frequently to appear at the top of the URL line during autocomplete. It's always a bit embarrassing when [...]
21. February 2013
Youtube video lock

Instructions: Watch blocked YouTube videos - ProxTube is your friend

You know it: You click through Google and actually want to watch one or more interesting video and suddenly the message comes that you are unfortunately not allowed to watch this video because GEMA has [...]