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16. October 2021
Browser extension tab Auto Refresh

The Firefox addon "Tab Auto Refresh" - my pick of the week in week 41

Sometimes it's the little things that make life a lot easier. In my case it is the Firefox add-on "Tab Auto Refresh", which helps me with PayPal and my accounting. The browser extension [...]
27. March 2021
ColorZilla Browser Extension - Pick of the Week CW13

ColorZilla color pipette for Chrome and Firefox - Pick of the week in CW13

My pick of the week this time is a small but nice browser extension that can be downloaded for Firefox or Google Chrome. It is free and makes life as a blogger or web designer easier because [...]
15th of June 2020
Firefox about: logins command

about: logins - Firefox tip for quickly searching through login credentials

I am currently testing the Dashlane password manager for my Macs and iOS devices. So far it is doing quite well, but when importing the existing access data from Firefox there seemed to be an "incident" and some access data [...]
28. January 2019

Google image search: display high-resolution images again with the plugin

Whether product images from the manufacturer, an app logo in large resolution or simply the new background image for the Mac desk: it was easier to display high-resolution images in original size in the Google image search. After a change at the beginning of [...]
20. November 2018
Firefox Logo

Completely switch off push notifications and question windows in Firefox

I admit: When the push notifications from websites were new to the browser, I, as a blogger, was enthusiastic about the possibility of being able to inform loyal readers directly about a new post. Unfortunately, [...]
14 JULY 2018
Featured image: Print out website in reader mode

Readers question: Present websites without advertising and images for printing

Yesterday I got a question from Josef who wanted to know the following: Is there a printer software where you can only print out the text from a website. Photos and advertising etc. all gone? I think that […]
20th of June 2017
The screenshot of the Firefox add-on Find and Replace shows how the search can be carried out.

Firefox add-on for searching and replacing in text fields

Do you sometimes have the case that you have to change a company name in a WordPress post or in a text that you have just written in a text field? Or an HTML tag from, for example [...]
7. January 2017
The button for the screenshot function must first be activated in the developer tools or developer tools. To do this, press the fn key and the F12 key and then select the gear icon in the top right of the new window. There you activate the tick next to the screenshot button.

Without add-on: take a screenshot of the entire website in Firefox on a Mac

I don't know how many hours I've spent in the last few weeks trying to find a solution to my problem. I used to have a plug-in or add-on for my Firefox on the Mac, with which
28. November 2016

Internet browser market shares are shifting - current figures and local statistics

Browsers for displaying Internet content are sometimes quite a controversial topic; which one has the best performance, which one works best with the operating system used, which one has the most / best extensions? Etc. I [...]
14 JULY 2015
Mark Schmidt via Flash on Twitter

Flash deals itself the fatal blow - Facebook and Mozilla are cracking down

I've been an active Flash refuser for a long time, because on the one hand the performance and on the other hand the security gaps take my nerves enormously. To be honest, I only noticed the missing Flash plug-in for the videos on Facebook, [...]