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14. January 2015
Firefox Logo

Solution: slow Firefox browser slows down the entire Mac

I don't know how many times I've wanted to send the Firefox browser into nirvana because it has become so incredibly slow that you have the feeling that the Mac is running 20 GB of data at the same time in the background [...]
12. November 2013
Export Firefox bookmarks

Instructions: Import Firefox bookmarks into Safari

After yesterday my Firefox was mucking all day and sometimes loaded for minutes on websites that were there in Safari in 10 seconds, today I decided to use Safari again as the default browser [...]
30. November 2012
Firefox addon QuickJava

Firefox Addon: Quickly turn Javascript on and off

The Firefox add-on that I would like to introduce today should be interesting for developers and SEOs. I found it after looking for a solution to quickly check websites how they work with and [...]
28. November 2012

Firefox: Show http: // in the URL line again

With the update to Firefox 7 a strange behavior crept into the URL line: For the URLs that are displayed there, the protocol has recently been used - parts like http: // or https: // - [...]