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1. November 2016
jabra elite sport 2016 new headphones

Jabra Elite Sport True Wireless: Bluetooth wireless sports headphones

With the Jabra Elite Sport True Wireless headphones for sporty users, the manufacturer Jabra combines its 16 years of Bluetooth experience with good sound and sophisticated technology. The sports headphones can be used with iOS devices, ie with [...]
10. October 2016

Fitness tracker for children: Garmin vivofit jr. notes steps and movements

Whether to motivate the children or because they also want something like a smartwatch: a fitness tracker can also be a good idea for the little ones. With the Garmin vívofit jr. parents can also [...]
17. September 2015
Improvements firmware update UP2

Firmware update for the Jawbone UP2 and UP3 - what is it and what is not?

A few weeks ago I was sent a Jawbone UP2 as a test product, which I have been using every day since then and therefore in an endurance test. The corresponding test report is still pending, but it will be published in the next few weeks [...]
10 JULY 2015
Jawbone Up3 in silver

Which fitness bracelet is compatible with my iPhone?

You've probably read a lot about fitness bracelets, which are pretty much in vogue right now. This is because they not only motivate movement, for example by monitoring the achievement of certain goals (10.000 [...]
2. November 2013
NIKE + Fuelband SE

Fitness tracker NIKE Fuelband SE can now be pre-ordered

The NIKE + Fuelband SE is Nike's answer to fitness wristbands like [Fitbit One-> fitbit-one], [Jawbone Up-> jawbone-up] or [Withings Pulse-> withings-pulse]. The sporting goods manufacturer is now trying to place a product in the hotly contested fitness tracker market. [...]
26 JULY 2013
Withing's Pulse

Buy the Withings Pulse on Amazon

The Withings Pulse fitness tracker is available in Germany from Amazon - or can currently still be pre-ordered. In contrast to the [fitness armbands-> fitness armband], the Withings Pulse is attached to the belt with a clip or can simply be inserted into […]