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2. August 2021

iPhone 8 (Plus) Hard Reset - Force restart

Do you have to force the iPhone 8 to restart because the display does not respond, the home button doesn't do anything or an app has a resource-guzzling bug? Then the iPhone 8 Hard Reset will help you with [...]
28th of June 2021

iPhone 11 Hard Reset - Force Restart

In rare cases, the iPhone freezes so that nothing works anymore. The display then no longer allows any entries and key combinations for switching off or restarting no longer work. However, there is a key combination that [...]
18. May 2021

iPhone 4, 5 and SE Hard Reset - Force Restart

If you have to force a restart on an old Apple iPhone, the hard reset is the way to achieve your goal. So if the iPhone 4, 5 or SE freezes, the system no longer responds or a [...]