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6. September 2013
GIMP screenshot

Gimp manual as PDF download

GIMP is an extremely powerful yet free image manipulation program. The software, which is published under the [GNU license-> gnu license], can run on Mac OS X as well as Linux and Windows. The manual for [...]
April 5, 2013
Security programs antivirus

Antivirus Software Download - the best antivirus programs

For Mac users, the topic "[Computer virus-> computer virus]" is exhausted very quickly, since the operating system, like Linux, offers hardly any possibility of attack for viruses due to its structure. For Windows PCs, on the other hand, the amount of malware available is significantly greater. [...]
18. February 2013
Xenu Link Check screenshot

Link Checker: Check the entire website for broken links

Various tools can be expected under the term link checker. Some people may be looking for a [backlink tool-> backlink-checker] to see how many backlinks a website has, but I would like to introduce a piece of software here that all links on one [...]