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31 JULY 2018

FRITZ! Box routers that are compatible with 35b supervectoring

The 35b supervectoring is a new type of DSL vectoring, with which up to 300 Mbit / s in the download and up to 50 Mbit / s in the upload can be achieved. What is hidden behind the name, which FRITZ-Box [...]
19. September 2015
Fritz.Box 7490 WPS button

Instructions: Connect the Fritz! Repeater 1750E to the Fritz! Box using the WPS button

I admit: Sometimes I "abuse" my blog to save instructions or information that I would otherwise simply not find again. For example, I just searched for 10 minutes until I found out again [...]
30 December 2014
Fritz Box time

Fritz! Box shows the date 01.01.1970/XNUMX/XNUMX in the overview

I have two switchable Fritz! Sockets in operation that switch Christmas fairy lights on and off according to time in two rooms. Two days ago I was amazed that the one in the middle of the night [...]
24th of June 2014
Faxer Mac app

Send faxes directly from Mac OS X via the Fritz! Box - Faxer makes it (im) possible

If you are wondering why the headline says "impossible", you should definitely read the paragraph "No support from faxers" below! But here to the original article ... Windows PC owners can send faxes directly [...]
30. March 2014
Fritz! Fon date and time

Set the date and time on the Fritz! Fon

Today was the big day again when the time was changed to summer time. And promptly some clocks still surprise me with the wrong time. I thought that by now all devices with [...]
14. January 2014
Fritzbox busy signal when busy

Fritz-Box: No busy signal audible from the caller

Since I've had my [Fritz! Fon MT-F-> fritz-fon-mt-f] on my newly set up Fritz! Box, callers have always told me that they hear a normal ringtone when the line is actually busy . But I don't have a [...]