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21 April 2021
FritzBox photo

Where is the reset button on the FritzBox?

Sometimes it is necessary to reset a FritzBox to the factory settings. This means that you do a complete reset and reset all settings in the device to these data that they had on delivery. [...]
10 September 2020

Instructions: Use the Fritz! Box as a print server for USB printers on the Mac

If you want to print wirelessly via WLAN, but only have a USB printer at hand, then you can solve the problem via your Fritz! Box router. In this guide I will show you how to proceed to determine which [...]
6 August 2020
WLAN connection interruptions due to the 2,4 GHz radio network

Readers question: Mac keeps losing WiFi connection

My reader Monika emailed me a while ago because her MacBook Air from 2015 keeps losing the WiFi connection. The usual solutions such as start in recovery mode, start in safe mode and also SMC reset have already been [...]
6 August 2019

AVM Fritz! Repeater 600 and 1200 - Mesh WiFi devices for extensive WiFi

The Fritz! Box manufacturer AVM has released the AVM Fritz! Repeater 600 and the AVM Fritz! Repeater 1200 for WLAN devices and their use in houses, apartments, offices and the like. Their numbering already indicates the data turnover, [...]
23 March 2016
Fritz! Box manual by Christoph Troche

FRITZ! Box manual - user manuals for the AVM Fritzbox on Amazon and as a free PDF download

The FRITZ! Box from AVM is one of the most widespread and popular routers for DSL and LTE. I've also been a big fan of this intuitive hardware for years. If you have your FRITZ! Box (also [...]
13 December 2015
AVM Fritz! WLAN Repeater 310

Instructions: Connect the Fritz! Box to a Fritz! WLAN Repeater and improve the WLAN range

Surely some of you know this: You go with your MacBook on the balcony or in a room to comfortably surf the web or answer emails - but: unfortunately the WiFi is poor