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28 July 2022

Anker GaNPrime charger with 120W power, 2x USB-C & 1x USB-A

You have only been able to find the new Anker 737 Charger (GaNPrime 120W) on Amazon for a few days. The charger not only offers two USB-C ports and one USB-A port, but also PowerDelivery 3.0 for up to 100 watts of charging power […]
24 May 2021

Anker Nano II Series - mini chargers with USB-C and up to 65 watts

Today, Anker presented a new range of light and handy chargers based on GaN technology. The Anker Nano II Series is called "Powered by GaN II" and USB-C chargers with 30W, [...]
26 December 2020
In the test: the Ugreen Multiport USB-C charger

In the test: 3-way USB-C charger from Ugreen for the wall socket

For me, the devices with a USB-C port are slowly stacking up. From Mac to various headphones to power banks, many manufacturers rely on this connection. I keep noticing that you actually get enough of these [...]
10 December 2019

Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim - charger with 1x USB-C + 3x USB-A

The new charger Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim is a small, slim gadget that can be used to charge multiple devices at the same time via a USB-C port and three USB-A ports. Despite the slim design, thanks to GaN technology on the USB-C port [...]
27 September 2019

AUKEY PA-D5: Charger with 2 USB-C ports and 63W power delivery

With its GanFast series, the accessories manufacturer AUKEY has brought a few practical chargers onto the market that are not only space-saving but also powerful. A relatively new representative is the AUKEY PA-D5 charger with two USB-C ports [...]
3 September 2019

AUKEY discount campaign until September 15, 2019 (short message)

As soon as one AUKEY discount campaign is over, there is already the next one. With a campaign until September 10th and many more until September 15, 2019 you will get chargers, power banks, USB hubs, adapters [...]
29 August 2019

Gallium Nitride Power Supplies - What is GaN and why are chargers so good at it?

Chargers with gallium nitride (GaN) are now offered by various manufacturers. The silicon alternative used in these power supplies and their chips has several advantages. For example, the loaders are more space-saving and lighter; by a […]
27 August 2019

Anker PowerPort Atom III - GaN charger with 60W and USB-C PD

With the PowerPort Atom III, the technology manufacturer Anker has presented a new GaN charger with USB-C connection and Power Delivery (PD). GaN (gallium nitride) is used in the charger, which has an output of up to 60 watts, which [...]
6 December 2018

AUKEY GaNFast - Faster charging with smaller devices

AUKEY recently introduced new chargers for use with the mains on one side and a device to be charged on the other. Nothing new in and of itself if these devices are not combined with compact [...]