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5th April 2022

GarageBand - Make music for free on Apple devices

What is GarageBand on Apple Mac, iPhone and iPad? You may be asking yourself this question if you have never had anything to do with music production or are new to the Apple cosmos. Do you want more […]
28. March 2022
ChordMaps2 on the iPad Pro

ChordMaps2 – the iPad midi app for chords – my pick of the KW06

First of all: I have no idea about music, but I enjoy playing with programs like GarageBand and synthesizers on the iPad. That’s how I came across the ChordMaps2 app, which I […]
31 JULY 2019

Midi guitar Jamstik 7 offers seven frets for guitarists

The Jamstik 7 is a midi guitar that saves space and enables you to learn to play the guitar digitally in connection with the iPad, Mac and PC. In addition, thanks to the device's midi capability, it is possible to use Bluetooth and [...]
4. January 2019

Sir Apfelot newsreel, week 1 2019

I wish all readers of a happy and successful 2019! So that you start well-informed in the next 52 weeks, there will of course be a weekly newsreel again this Friday. In this […]