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26. January 2021
ExifRenamer: Rename photos with Exif date

ExifRenamer: Rename photo files according to the EXIF ​​date

I have just discovered - while researching a reader question in the forum - a small, practical tool for the Mac that is particularly suitable for people who have their photos with their own folder structure [...]
30. October 2019

Protection against total failure: iOS update for iPhone 5 and 4s as well as old iPads

There is an iOS update that is specifically aimed at old Apple mobile devices and will protect them from the failure of many important functions until the beginning of November 2019. This has to do with the "Week Roll Over" of the GPS signal [...]
2. October 2017
Apple Watch LTE: the mobile data network can only be activated with an eSIM from Telekom.

Practical test: This is how much battery the Apple Watch Series 3 really consumes with LTE and GPS

Although I've been using Apple computers for almost two decades, I've had no incentive to buy the Apple Watch. Among other things, this was also due to the battery life specified by Apple of only 18 [...]