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13 May 2022
The global networking of the Internet also makes it easy to attack connected computers, since you are connected to almost every computer.

6 types of spoofing attacks and how to protect yourself from them

Spoofing is the impersonation of a user, device, or client on the Internet. It is often used during a cyber attack to disguise the source of the attack traffic. There are different types of spoofing used on the internet […]
22 March 2021

That's how long it takes a hacker to crack your password

How secure is my email password? How quickly can my app account be cracked? And how long does it take a hacker to crack my iCloud password? Some tools on the Internet want answers to these questions [...]
14 March 2020
Hacker seeks job post picture

Hacker looking for a job: does professional hacker team have to apply for HARTZ IV soon?

There are good hackers who make things and the world better. And then there are the bad hackers who break other people's things, spy on people, blackmail people, and do similar things. And last […]
22 May 2019
Fake captcha wants to steal admin rights

Beware of WordPress malware: Unintentional installation via fake captcha

This article is only intended to be a brief warning and instructions for the solution, as today I once again found a new type of malware on a customer's domain. The customer wanted to ask for WordPress, plugin and theme updates [...]
4 January 2019

Sir Apfelot newsreel, week 1 2019

I wish all readers of Sir-Apfelot.de a happy and successful 2019! So that you start well-informed in the next 52 weeks, there will of course be a weekly newsreel again this Friday. In this […]
20 August 2018
In need of privacy? Simply close the webcam cover and nobody can spy anymore.

Cover Up! from soomz.io: 100% help against webcam hackers

The team from soomz.io sent me their webcam cover in the "Gold Edition" a few days ago - free to try out. I took a closer look at the product and would like to give you a few [...]
23 December 2016
Unfortunately, the HPI Leak Check brought some bad news for me. So it's time to change a few passwords again ...

Is my login affected by data theft? HPI-Check queries hacker data ...

In the last few days, references were made several times to the evaluation of the Hasso Plattner Institute, which evaluated data that was captured by hackers and made publicly available on the Internet. The data comes from "raids", the hacker teams for example [...]
2 June 2014

Premium WordPress Theme AVADA hacked and infected with malware

Today I had another case where a client's WordPress site was hacked. The hoster sent a list of files that contain malicious code. Noticeable: All bad files are in the directory of the [Wordpress [...]
27 May 2014

Can you delete the xmlrpc.php from the WordPress directory?

Question: My WordPress hoster wrote to me today that the xmlrpc.php file in my WordPress directory would use too many resources and it would have completely overloaded the server. The script was then blocked by the hoster. My question is, […]