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16. December 2021

Powerbank hand warmer combination for winter 2021/22 (Pick KW50)

The coldest days of the current winter are probably still ahead of us. If you are looking for a hand warmer or pocket warmer, you will find a suitable selection here. The models presented can also be used as a power bank, [...]
9. February 2021

Hand warmer with battery - offers with Prime shipping

Winter is now finding its way into Germany more clearly than expected, with temperatures below zero. So it is practical to be able to warm up your cold hands when you are out and about. With modern hand warmer offers, this is not only possible again and again. The again [...]
26. December 2019

Pocket warmers & hand warmers for winter 2019/2020

Here in the blog you will always find tips and buying advice for seasonally useful gadgets and devices - so now again for pocket warmers and hand warmers. The small, warm devices are useful alternatives to the [...]
18. December 2018
The BigBlue hand warmer convinced me with its warmth, flashlight and power bank function (photos: Sir Apfelot).

In the test: BigBlue USB hand warmer with power bank and flashlight function

Cold paws in winter are not nice. And even if I'm not a big fan of Christmas markets, there are often enough walks or work around the house that make my fingers [...]
12. December 2014
CSL battery hand warmer

The best USB cordless pocket warmers for winter (2020/2021 update)

The post has become quite long now and I think many of you are not necessarily keen to read 15 minutes about the functions and properties of hand warmers. For this reason I have [...]